Lord Indra

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Lord Indra is the king of Gods and the supreme ruler of Heaven. It is said that Indra can control weather, rain, lightning and thunder and this connection of Him with storm led His association with war. So He is also considered as the God of storms and war.

It is said that Indra is the only Hindu God who came from human progenitors because of His immense power to take innumerable forms. Lord Indra is the twin brother of Agni. He is the son of Aditi for which sometimes He is also mentioned as Aditya. In Vedas it has been described that Lord Indra gets delighted and enhances His divine powers by the

In Hindu religion, God Indra has been depicted as a muscular man with golden or reddish in colour. He is seen with four very long arms which are said to span the entirety of the skies. He holds a hook, noose, conch, rainbow and vajra or thunderbolt. It is said that the weapon vajra have been constructed from the bones of the sage Dadhichi which creates both lightning and thunder. He mounts within the clouds which surrounds the mythical Mount Meru in the heaven. He rides on a white elephant which is known as Airavata.

According to Hindu belief, Indra has often lost control over His kingdom, that is, heaven to the demons. Besides His extraordinary power, Indra is not perfect like other deity of Vedic times. He has often been seen to remain intoxicated and drunken with soma and committed many sins like murder and extramarital affairs and even got punished for such sins by other Hindu deity such as Lord Vishnu and others.

Lord Indra has many epithets. Vayu is the friend and servant of God Indra and Vasus are His advisors. According to the Puranic mythology, the power and role of Lord Indra diminished with the rise of the Trimurti.

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