Lord Jhulelal

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Jhulelal well known considered as the Asht Dev (community God) of sindhis. His Birthday “Cheti Chand” second tithi of Chaitra auspicious for sindhis and is celebrated the around the world with conventional ceremony and gaiety.

But how, when and where in history was the lord of sind born?

It’s the CHETI CHAND occasion yet again and the SINDHI NEW YEAR. We are well familiar about this but sadly our youthful age group (most of them) do not even have any thought on what Cheti Chand is, why they describe it so and who is the JHULE LAL. The reply is that Sindhi Hindus have been followed a calendar known has ‘Vikram Sambat’ since the days of Vikramaditya, the Hindu King. This calendar’s months are based on lunar cycle and thus every month starts with New Moon.

The opening month of the year is CHAITRA and in Sindhi, this is called ‘CHET’. That’s why it is recognized as CHET-I-CHAND.

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