Lord Kartikay

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Kartikay is the commander in chief of Gods. He is the second son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. He is well known for His bravery and perfection in war against demons. The other names of Kartikay are Murugan, Skanda and Subrahmanya. In Tamil he is worshipped as Murugan.

Lord Kartikay was created to fight against the demons that represent the negative tendencies in human beings. It is said by many great men that Kartikay was born from Agni and Svaha to destroy the demon Asura Mahisa. It is also scripted that the origin of Kartikay occurred in the Mahabharata. Later He got married to Indra’s daughter Devasana.

According to the Purana, He is the elder son of Lord Shiva and Ganesha, the younger one. But after winning a contest with Murugan, Narada offered a divine fruit of knowledge to Ganesha. The contest was to move around the whole world three times and the one who could finish it first would be awarded with the fruit of knowledge. After winning the contest, Ganesha offered the fruit to His upset brother, Kartikay and became the elder brother owing as a tribute to His wisdom.

Lord Kartikay possess six heads which implicates to the five senses and mind. It also stands for His virtues that enable Him to see in all directions during a war. On one hand He carries a spear and with the other hand He always bestows blessings on His devotees. He mounts on a peacock that symbolizes the ego and desires of people. Sometimes He is depicted with many weapons such as mace, discus, sword, javelin and bow. Mace represents His strength; Javelin symbolizes His far reaching protection, Discus indicates His knowledge of truth and Bow represents His capability to defeat all evils.

Lord Kartikay is most popular in South India. He is primarily worshipped by those who intend to have a son.

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