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Muneeswaran is a Hindu God who is very powerful and has interesting origin. Muni represents ‘saint’ or ’Muni’ and ‘iswara’ means ‘Shiva’. He is well thought-out as a form of Shiva. He is worshiped as a family deity in most Shaivite families. According to Hindu mythology, God Muneeswaran is considered as a form of Lord Shiva. The cult of Muneeswaran is very popular in various regions of India, Malaysia as well as Singapore. The main weapon of God Muneeswaran is trident and so temples usually contain a trident placed on the ground and limes are also placed on the prongs of trident.

Statues of God Muneeswaran are painted and are dressed in dhoti. lord Muneeswaran is considered both as fierce God as well as peaceful God.

The story behind King Daksha and his daughter Sati is quite familiar to all of us. King Daksha was also the father in law of lord Shiva. One day King Daksha decided to go do a special Puja called Achvametha Yagam. In that Puja, Lord Shiva was not invited by the king although being requested several times by Vishnu, Brahma, Indra and many Maha Rishis. He continued with the Yagam without even giving Lord Shiva his share of Avir. At this Lord Shiva got angry and before the Yagam could end, the anger exploded. Then Lord Shiva’s guard, Veeera Pathirar appeared from the Yagam. And Lord Muneeswaran came out form Lord Shiva’ face in order to protect the souls.

Lord Muneeswaran took seven incarnations. As he appeared from Lord Siva’s face, he assumed Sivamuni. By possessing divine power he became Mahamuni. The next is Thavamuni who removed all obstacles during Yagam. Naathamuni offered blessings to Poothaganga and Devagananga. Trees were grown by Jadamuni. Tharmamuni came to protected the good and destroy the evil. Vaazhamuni, the seventh incarnation was worshipped and praised by Kapalis who lived in jungles. By assuming seven different incarnations, God Muneeswaran bestowed his blessings to His devotees. It is believed in Hindu mythology that praying to lord Muneeswaran will lead his devotee to achieve bliss and maintain a good health throughout life.

  • As he appeared from Lord Siva’s face. He believed Sivamuni.
  • Possessing immense divine power he became Mahamuni.
  • Thavamuni isolated all obstacles in the path of the Thevars and Rishis during their Yagam.
  • Naathamuni presented blessings to the Devagananga and Poothaganga.
  • Jadamuni grew the trees and possessed the Ruthrkshamala Kaatgar and the book.
  • Tharmamuni protected the good and destroyed evil.
  • Vaazhamuni is praised by the Kabalis who live in the jungle.

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