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Lord Surya, the Sun is the head of the nine classical planets according to Hindu mythology. He is the supreme deity of solar dynasty. In Vedic astrology, Surya implicates general vitality, courage, father, kingship, will power, soul, fame, authority and highly placed person.

Surya is regarded as the Lord of three lunar mansions namely, Uttara Ashadha, Uttara Phalguni and Krittika. Surya is sun god and considered god of power, strength, healing and courage. People do prayer for strength, prayer for healing and prayer for power of lord Surya.

It is said that Lord Surya has three wives- Saranyu, Ragyi and Prabha. The two sons of Surya, Shani and Yama, are responsible for the judgement of human life span. In Ramayana He has been described as the father of Sugriva, who helped Ram and Lakshman in defeating Ravan. In the great epic Mahabharata, the greatest warrior Karna has been regarded as the son of the supreme deity Lord Surya and the Princess Kunti.

Lord Surya has often been depicted riding a one wheeled chariot that is pulled by seven horses. It is believed by many great men that the seven horses represent the seven colours of rainbow or the seven chakras in the body. He holds fully blown lotuses and His head is surrounded by a nimbus or rays. Wheat is the grain associated with Surya.

According to the Hindu religion, He is regarded as an aspect of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu by Shaivites and Vaishnavas. He is even known as one of the eight forms of Shiva. Surya Narayana is the other name of Lord Surya. Surya is well known for His great excellence and wisdom. People worship Surya to receive His kind blessings. It is being believed that He possesses an immense power to cure sick people. Symbol of Surya is considered as an auspicious sign of good luck and new hope in Hindu belief.

Surya is also famous as ‘Mitra’ (friend) for his life nourishing properties. The Mitra appearance of ‘Surya’ had been worshiped mainly in Gujarat, where a family of Suryawanshi kings was recognized as Mitrawanshi kshatriyas, also known by its distorted name “Maitrakas”.

There are a wide range of temples of Lord Surya across India. The World Heritage Site of the Sun temple situated in Konark, Orissa is the most famous temple in India.

Names of Lord Surya

English Name Meaning
Aruna Reddish Brown
Sharanya The One Who Provides Refuge
Karuna-rasa-sindhu The Ocean of the Sentiment of Compassion
Asmanabala The One of Unequalled Strength.
Arta-rakshaka The Protector from Suffering
Aditya The Sun or The Son of Aditi
Adibhuta The First Being
Akhila-gamavedin The Knower of All Scriptures
Achyuta Imperishable, The Steady One
Akhilagya The Knower of Everything
Ananta The Unbounded One
Ina The Strong One
Vishvarupa The One with an All Pervading Form
Ijya The One to be Revered
Indra Leader of the Gods
Bhanu The Bright One
Indriramandirapta The One Who has Gained the Abode of Indira (Lakshmi)
Vandaniya The Praiseworthy One
Isha The Lord
Suprasanna The Very Bright One
Sushila The Good-Natured One
Vasuprada The Bestower of wealth
Suvarchas The Brilliant One
Vasu The Deva (The Excellent One)
Vasudeva Shri Krishna
Ujjaval The Blazing One
Ugrarupa The One with a Ferce Form
Udhatkiranajala The One Who Produces a Lattice of Rising Beams of Light
Urdhvaga The One Who Rises Up
Vivasvat The One Who Shines Forth
Hrishikesha Lord of the Senses
Urjasvala The Mighty One
Vira The Brave One
Nirjara The Imperishable One
Jaya The Victorious One
Urudvaya-bhavaroopayukta-sarathi The One Whose Charioteer has a Form without a Pair of Thighs
Rijusva-bhavachitta The One Whose Mind by Nature is Sincere
Rishivandya The One Worshipped by Rishis
Rugghantr The Destroyer of Disease
Rikshachakrachara The One Who Moves Through the Wheel of Stars
Nityastutya The One Who is Fit to Praised Always
Rikaramatrikavarnarupa The One Who has the Form of the Letter Rikara
Ujjvalatejas The One with a Blazing Brilliance
Kantida The Bestower of Beauty
Rikshadhinathamitra The Friend of the Lord of Stars (the Moon)
Pushkaraksha The Lotus-Eyed One
Luptadanta The One Whose Teeth are Lost
Shanta Pacified, Calm
Ghana The Destroyer
Kanatkanaka-bhusha The Brilliant Golden Ornament
Khadyota The Light of the Sky
Arta-sharanya The Provider of Shelter to the Distressed
Lunitakhila-daitya The Destroyer of All Demons
Satyananda-svarupin The One Whose Nature is True Bliss
Apavarga-prada The Bestower of Liberation
Ekakin The solitary One
Bhagavat The Divine One
Srishti-sthityantakarin The One Who Makes the Creation, Maintenance, and End
Gunatman The One with Qualities
Shauri The Heroic One
Ghrinibhrit The One Who Possesses Light
Brihat The Great One
Brahman The Eternal Brahman
Eshvaryada The Bestower of Power
Sharva The One that Injures
Haridashva The One with Tawny Horses
Dashadiksam-prakasha The One Who Shines in Ten Directions
Bhakta-vashya The One Who is Attentive to the Devotees
Ojaskara The Maker of Power
Abjavallabha The Most Beloved of Abja (Dhanvantari)
Jayin The victorious One
Jagadanandahetu The Cause of Joy for the World
Janma-mrityu-jara-vyadhi-varjita The One Who is Free from Birth, Death, Old Age, Suffering, etc
Uchchasthana samarudha-rathastha The One Established in a Chariot that Moves with Lofty Steps
Asurari The Enemy of the Demons
Kamaniyakara The Ful?ller of Desires
Antarbahih prakasha The One with Inner and Outer Brilliance
Achintya The Inconceivable One
Atmarupin The Form of Atman
Ravi The One Who Roars
Achyuta The Imperishable One
Amaresha The Lord of Immortals
Para Jyotish The Supreme Light
Ahaskara The Maker of the Day
Hari The Remover (of Sin)
Paramatman The Supreme Being
Taruna The Youthful One
Varenya The Most Excellent One
Grahanam Pati The Lord of Planets
Bhaskara The Maker of Light
Adimadhyantarahita The One Who is Solitary in the Beginning, Middle, and End
Saukhyaprada The Bestower of Happiness
Sakalajagatam Pati The Lord of All Worlds
Surya The Powerful One, or The Brilliant One
Kavi The Wise One
Narayana The One Whom Men Approach
Paresha The Highest Lord
Tejorupa The One with the Form of Fire
Hiranyagarbha The Golden Source (of the Universe)
Sampatkara The Maker of Success
Aem Istarthada The Bestower of the Desired Object
Am Suprasanna The Very Bright One
Shrimat The Glorious One
Shreyas The Most Excellent One
Saukhyadayin The Bestower of Enjoyments
Diptamurti The One With a Blazing Form
Nikhilagamavedya The Knower of All Scriptures
Nityananda The One Who is Always Blissful

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