Lucky Bamboo


One of the best good luck symbols that helps one to attract wealth and prosperity into their lives is the Lucky Bamboo. The Lucky Bamboo is not a bamboo but resembles the bamboo though it is small in size. Its botanical name is Dracaena Sanderana.

People call this plant the lucky bamboo primarily due to its resemblance to the bamboo. The lucky bamboo has been traditionally accepted as the good luck charm for attracting wealth. Having the plant in the premises assures the person of good returns in business and good fortune in the home.

Significance of the number of stalks

The meaning of the stalks varies from place to place and person to person. The significance of the number of stalks however is only one – never give away a plant with four stalks. It will kill all your luck. The number 4 is considered unlucky in China and the nearby regions. Maybe this is because the word 4 and the word for death are homophones. So, the people of China will never give anything that has four elements or is four in number. In the west, they believe four is a lucky charm and helps one to learn things fast. This shows that traditions differ from place to place.

One stalk signifies commitment or goal. If you are aiming to achieve something in your life you need a single stalk of the lucky bamboo. Two stalks attract love. It is normal that people display or wear ornaments in pairs. Adding a couple of mandarin ducks will increase the intensity of the love life.

Other number significance

Three stalks are like the three gods. They represent wealth, longevity, and happiness. Five stalks when taken together will bring luck in five major regions connected to the personal growth and health. These include emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, and intuitive aspects. Even in Feng Shui, the number five represents five crucial elements.

If you have six or nine stalks, this will increase your general luck. Both of the numbers will bring lots of luck as they are very auspicious. Seven is the number associated with health and longevity. And Eight is one of the luckiest numbers in Chinese culture. It makes the person prosperous.

If you have ten or twenty stalks it points to an excess of luck. Ten also stands for fulfilment or completeness. This way, ten is a terrific number.

Luck of the bamboo and the five elements

The luck of the lucky bamboo increases when all the five elements are present. The five elements are fire, earth, wood, metal, and water. You can bring all these elements together. First, get a wooden container and fill it with water. Put some colourful rocks in the container. Place a coin along with the rocks. Now, you have metal. The rocks represent the earth. Now, add something red. This will represent fire. You can do this by tying a red ribbon around the container.

Keep the lucky bamboo fresh and remove dead leaves. The lucky bamboo will last for years. You will definitely get lucky in that time.