Lucky Coin


Coins have plenty to do with wealth and so it makes interesting reading. They have a fine heritage since man has been using coins for a very long time now. Here is the list of superstitions connected with coins.

Coin in the pocket

The pocket coin is very auspicious as this a symbol of luck. If you place a rare coin in the pocket, then it is considered more favourable. When you need some inspiration put your hand in the pocket and feel the coin. It will direct your thoughts to the direction of prosperity. Also, never leave the house with an empty wallet. If you gift a wallet to someone, always put some money in it first. This will ensure that the wallet will bring money to its user.

Protection against evil

It is widely believed that second sight comes from the devil. People used silver coins as protection from the evil eye. They bent the coin twice to ward off the witches. A slight bend denotes a lady love.

Coins for luck

Keep a jar full of coins in the kitchen, and you will be lucky always. The household will have plenty of luck. Coins have an affinity of the moon. If you spot a full moon, remember to turn the coins in your pocket over. You will have financial success in the following month or year. Scattering coins around the house will bring plenty of wealth to the house. A silver coin with a hole in the centre will bring you plenty of good luck.

In the United States of America, the silver dime is considered especially lucky. It increases in luck if the coin is from a leap year. The silver diems were minted until 1945 and were called Mercury since the figure on the coin resembled the Roman god called Mercury. In reality, the head is that of Liberty. The wings on her head is supposed to represent freedom of thought. A word about Mercury – he was the messenger god and protected trade and commerce. In the Greek mythology, he was called Hermes. He too wears the winged hat and carries a staff.

Coins and weddings

Coins have plenty to do with weddings. The sixpence is one of the luckiest coins for the wedding. The bride must wear a coin in her left shoe to bring luck to the marriage. A pot full of water is left for people to toss their coins in.

Ensure smooth passage

When they build a ship, they place a coin under the mast of the ship so that the ship will always have a smooth passage. On a rather serious note, coins are placed on the eyes of the dead to pay for the Charon to take them to the far shore.

Coins for love

Coins that are bent bring special bond with the person you give it to. So, if you find a bent coin, you are lucky. You can give your lady friend a bent coin so you develop a deeper understanding.

When you give any gift, fasten three lucky coins to the package. This represents happiness, wealth, and prosperity. So, the receiver will receive an additional bounty of luck with the gift.