Lucky Dice


Symbolism and beliefs have been part of our tradition. While many people take note of the lucky charms and symbols, most do not. When something lucky happens, it means that the tide is in their favour and nothing else. The person might have been wearing a four-leaf clover!

Luck in our life

Luck is not about going in search of something wonderful. It is about giving luck a chance. Just as some of us are born rich while others are born poor, the roll of the dice decides the winner in a game. For some who see the significance of the lucky dice, they play a role in life as well.

Other than being the metaphor for life, the lucky dice is a sign of unpredictability. It signifies the chance that everyone faces in everything in life. We gauge things some of the things have a better chance than other things.

Wear a dice tattoo

People who wear a dice tattoo tell that they believe in luck. They like to give luck a chance and that helps things for them. However, there is another saying, ‘The die is cast’. This means things have already begun to happen. One can no longer wait. What must happen has happened. The tipping point has been reached and some event of a great significance is about to take place.

There is a dark side to the Lucky Dice symbol. People use the Lucky Dice to portray the ruination of man. It signifies those people who lose their life and their belongings to gambling. So, in this context, the Lucky Dice becomes a warning to those who want to gamble.

When they show the dice, usually they show a pair of them. The lucky number is number 7. Snakes eyes is also popular and these are the numbers commonly depicted on the top face of the dice. However, the people who get the dice tattoo may choose to portray their favourite number on the top face.

Many of the cars have a pair of hanging dice. This may not have any significance but there are those who use one of the meaning discussed above. For instance, they may be warning about the fickleness of life. Or, it may be a reminder about how luck keeps changing and that one must keep on trying.

Snakes and Ladders

Dice represents fate in the game of Snakes and Ladders. The aim of the game is to reach our destiny, namely the top of the board. But, we should go through the board and in doing so, we may fall reaching the bottom of the board. Deciding to go or not deciding to go is now up to our fate, the dice. It will tell us whether we should go up or go to the bottom.

We can read more significance into the dice by looking at its colour. It has two colours, black and white. The black signifies all that is overloads the structure. This includes hate and destruction. White represents things that help the system such as love and creativity. It is seen that though white is preferable, we cannot do without the black which gives the notation and meaning of life.