Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Charms


The chances of finding a four-leaf clover is 1 in 10,000. In the western world, the four-leaf clover is one of the symbols of luck. The four leaves stand for Luck, Love, Faith, and Hope. There are many who believe that the four leaves represent Love, Health, Fame, and Wealth. It is agreed however, that the four-leaf clover brings one luck and is very auspicious.

Legends in Christianity

It is widely believed that Eve brought a four-leaf clover with her when she was asked to leave Paradise. Four is the number associated with the cross. It is a male number. Anyone who gets possession of the four-leaf clover gets a piece of Paradise that Eve brought with her. So, it is no wonder then that many Christians prefer the four-leaf clover to the three-leaved shamrock.

See the spiritual beings

During the Middle Ages, it was believed that carrying a four-leaf clover helped one to see the fairies. One could also see the witches and evil spirits. The clover seems to stand for a protection for those who are threatened. They get the protection from the evil eye. However, one should be strong of heart all the time.

Meet your spouse

If legend is to be believed, there were instances when the wearer of a four-leaf clover met his or her mate. This has made more people feel that wearing the four-leaf clover could bring your spouse face-to-face with you. This may be one of the strongest reasons for single people to wear clover.

Prevent evil forces

There is the belief that wearing four-leaf clover prevents the forces of witchcraft from harming you. In regions where witches are said to abound, people walk around wearing a four-leaf clover. Then, on the flip side, there are people who believe that wearing the four-leaf clover will prevent them from being drafted for the army.

Clovers and marriages

One of the superstitions that is popular among school girls is that wearing a two-leaf clover in their right shoe will bring them the man they will marry. So, this makes them wear the two-leaf clover in their shoe. If the man they meet is not the person who they will marry, then they will marry a person of the same name. A four-leaf clover is presented to the newly-weds in Egypt, at least it was in the olden times, to strengthen their love and passion for one another.

Clovers in Irish customs

In Irish beliefs, the druid priests used shamrock to heal the sick. They used the four-leaf clover in all their rituals, and used it to fight off evil.

There is the belief that the luck that comes from the clover leaf will occur only when it hidden out of sight. Further, one should not pass it to anyone else or else the luck will pass on to them. However, there is another school that believes that the luck will double when you pass the clover leaf to someone else.

One can never have enough of good luck. So, if you see a batch of clovers, start searching for a four-leaf clover. Good things will happen to you.