Lucky Horseshoe Charms


The horseshoe has a long history of being a good luck symbol. It brings the person good fortune and there are many stories about how this came about. And undoubtedly, where there is luck and prosperity there is bound to be the biggest detractor, the Devil.

Story of Saint Dunstan

In this story, a man visits one blacksmith named Dunstan with the request that he put a horseshoe on the feet. Dunstan recognized the man to be the Devil and promptly spiked a horseshoe into his foot. This gave much pain to the Devil and the Devil implored him to let him go. Dunstan got the promise that the Devil would never enter a place where a horseshoe hung on the door. Once the devil promised, Dunstan let the Devil go. It is said the he went on to become the Archbishop of Canterbury in 959 A.D. and become famous as Saint Dunstan.

The way the horseshoe must be hung depends on the region. If there are people who believe that hanging it upright is lucky, then there are the others who believe that it will take all the good fortune away. They say, the horseshoe must be hung down. This is the way to preserve the fortune. However, the protective powers is a matter of perspective and belief.

Power over evil

The horseshoe is believed to have power against the evil eye due to its crescent shape. However, there are many rituals connected with this belief. In the ancient Europe, the crescent shape represented the moon goddess. The moon goddess has various goon properties including fertility, good luck, and protection from the evil eye.

The belief of the people in the horseshoe has continued unabated over the ages. The belief is that the horseshoe that one finds by chance by chance has ten times the power of the one that you purchase. Better still, if the nails are still in the horseshoe.

The power of the horseshoe is said to emanate from the material from which it is made – iron. It withstands fire and shows immense strength. The combination of fire and power made the horseshoe very auspicious. The horse is lucky to have the horseshoe and it carries this luck with it wherever it goes. People saw that the horse rode better when it had the horseshoe and they wanted to harness this power.

Old superstitious beliefs

One of the old superstitions is that when one found a horseshoe one must spit on it and throw it over one’s left shoulder. While throwing, one must make a wish and that wish will come true. The legend of the crescent moon spread to many parts of the globe including ancient Egypt.

Some people argue that the power of the horseshoe increases if you hang it facing sideways. This way, it resembles the letter C and stands for Christ. In this manner, you harness the power of Christ, the horseshoe is the roof over your head and is representative of heavens.

There are some superstitious people who hang two horseshoes, one facing up and the other facing down. This will help to trap the good fortune they think.