Lucky Rabbit Foot


The race of white rabbits has always been the symbol of prosperity owing to their superfast breeding. They say that on the first day of a month, saying out loud ‘rabbit’ thrice makes sure a surprise gift is on its way to your doorstep. Besides the gift, you are showered with good fortune for the rest of that month, as well, on calling out loud ‘rabbit’ thrice. Children, in Northern Europe, are gifted with little white rabbits as good luck charms on various auspicious occasions, so that they are blessed with the prosperity and good fortune.

Folklore behind

There were several folklores that said keeping something from the departed brings you luck. Rabbit’s foot signifies a similar story wherein the items from the dead rabbit provide you protection from the evil.

What all a rabbits foot symbolize?

Rabbits are believed to shower you with riches and good health or increase your riches to manifolds when kept or gifted as a pet. They also bring along energetic vibes. It is believed that they symbolize fertility, and thereby, bless the childless with children.

The good luck charm – Rabbit’s foot

Though prevalent amongst the Americans, the superstitious belief of carrying a rabbit’s foot as a securer of good luck is said to have its oldest roots in the Southern Africa. Mostly considered as a mandate amongst the gamblers, a rabbit’s foot is said to secure your luck for wealth as well. In gambling, your fortune is not likely to shine on you if a rabbit’s foot is not tucked in your left pocket. Again, not any foot of a rabbit holds good for this purpose; it has to be the hind foot from the left. There are even more specific requirements to be met in order to bring in good fortune from a rabbit’s foot. As per the earliest belief, the rabbit has to be captured in a cemetery and the left hind foot has to be obtained on a full moon night. Owing to the increasing demands of saving animals, it is no more common practice to hunt a rabbit for such superstitious practices.

Still, most of the colourful rabbit’s foot items are found to be artificially made from synthetic material. Real or artificial, people in Europe are spotted with key-rings of rabbit’s foot as a mandate on their important days. These artificial rabbit’s feet are also gifted and carried by many people as a good luck charm.