Mahavir Swami Statue


Lord Mahavir is known as the advent of Jainism in the country. For Jains, Mahavir Swami is no less than God, and he is worshipped in several temples. His philosophies are like the Bible for Jain believers. He meditated for twelve years to overcome his cravings and desires in life. His teachings were words of gold, and to date, his quotes are popular.

If you are a Jainism follower, you will love the collection of Mahavir Swami statue we have on sale. You can buy various types of statues that can be kept in the house temple or any room. These wall décor pieces are handcrafts that are created with 24K gold and placed carefully in glass frames.

The range of these Mahavir Swami statues start from Rs.1000 and go up to a minimal price. They are made with extreme precision and can bring vibrancy into any room wherever placed. This is a great gifting item too, and if you know someone who is a follower of Mahavir Swami, trust us, they will love the frames. These artistic works are not to be found easily, but we make your work simple by putting out the exclusive ones on our portal.

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