Mandarin Ducks


Wonderful Expression of Love with Mandarin Ducks: Good luck symbols have co-existed along with man right from the beginning of time. Every culture has its own set of good luck symbols. While many claims that these good luck symbols work, others pass it off as mere superstition. It all depends on how you are oriented and what affects your thinking.

Belief and life

Belief helps you to survive defeat and hardship. To this extent, good luck symbols provide the support for sustenance when one is down. Here we look at Mandarin Ducks and see how they change the life of people.

Love and marriage

For many centuries now, Mandarin Ducks have been associated with love and marriage. It is quite common to see pairs of ducks swimming in the water together. Mandarin ducks supposedly stay paired to their mate for life. This belief is popular in most of the Southeast Asia regions including South Korea, Japan, and China.

Expression of peace and love

These ducks live without any external disturbances and exist in perfect harmony. So much so, there is a saying in Chinese that goes like this – Two Mandarin Ducks in the Water – meaning “a loving couple”. Their love is so deep that one cannot exist without the other. If anything were to happen to one, the other will begin to grieve will soon die.

Used on wedding cards

It is common to see the picture of the Mandarin Ducks on wedding cards. Many of the other greeting cards too have Mandarin Duck pictures as a symbol of good luck, happiness, and prosperity. Mandarin duck figurines are a popular gift for the newly wedded couple. Many people use these ducks at home so the partners will have a splendid relationship.

Makes love grow

Living with or staying close to Mandarin ducks will make a person fonder and make his or her heart sweeter. Place the Mandarin Ducks in the southwest corner in your house or shop. This corner is the place where the love is strongest. If the bedroom is in the southwest side of the house, then it is the perfect place to keep the duck pair.

Choose the best place

Keeping the duck pair in the bathroom or store room will become disrespectful and so this must be avoided. Similarly, one must avoid Mandarin ducks made of wood as this does not give strength to the earth element. Try to get Mandarin Ducks made of stone.

Red is the favourite colour

Red is the colour of love and passion. The first choice of stone is red coral, cornelian, or jasper. The figurines made of red stone will bring true love to the household. However, if you do not get the red stone ducks, get ducks of any colour. Something is better than nothing.

Beautiful plumage of the birds

That said, the ducks prefer the mandarin ducks for a reason – the brilliant plumage of the drakes. Mandarins have remarkable flying skills and can manoeuvre between trees with agility. They lay their eggs high up in the trees and the ducklings soon as they hatch will jump to the ground without any injuries.

For those who have not yet found their soulmate, get a Mandarin duck pair figurine or painting. This will help you find the person in your life.