Maneki Neko Japanese Lucky Cat

Maneki Neko Japanese Lucky Cat

With a Japanese origin, the beckoning cat, Maneki Neko, is believed to bestow one with success and wealth. Although majorly spotted at Japanese houses, stores, and other business establishments, this Japanese cat is now popularly used as a good luck charm across the globe. Popularly known as the money cat, this Japanese cat can be spotted as the designs of certain piggy banks and jewellery boxes as well. Wealth, good health, protection, prosperity, and good luck – this lucky cat bestows you with all of it. Here are the few popular legends of this fortune cat.

Beliefs of this cute little fortune cat

As it has a waving paw, some relate it to the Thai goddess of wealth, who also is portrayed with a waving hand. One of the legends pivots about a priest and his pet cat. It states that once, in Tokyo, there used to live a priest in the Gotuku-ji temple. He was not much well-off, barely being able to meet his daily needs. He had a beloved cat as his pet, which waved a passer-by into the temple, in a stormy night. It is said that the moment this man went into the temple, the tree, under which he had taken refuge, was struck by a frightful lightning. This man happened to be a feudal lord and was grateful to the cat, for beckoning him into the temple and thereby saving his life. The cat happened to bring in quite a lot of good fortune to the priest as the feudal lord showered his riches on this temple. Hence, the cat was named as fortune cat.

Significance of the waving paw

Mostly the businessmen, like the owners of restaurants or shops, are recommended to get money cats with their left paw waving up. This is based on the belief that a wave with its left paw is meant to attract a greater number of customers on a regular account. Hence, shop owners preferably place these money cats at the windows or somewhere close to the entrances of their shops. Also, you will find some statues of this fortune cat waving up its right paw. These are ones preferred more by the non-business people. The fortune cats waving up the right paws bring in success, prosperity, and wealth. As for those wealth cats, which are spotted with both the paws up in the air, protection is symbolized.

Significance of colours of these lucky cats

Apart from being a popular good luck charm, these cats also serve as beautiful showpieces for houses. Not only wealth, but these fortune cats are also believed to bring in success in various other aspects of life based on their colour.

Green: The lucky cats available in a green mould do ensure good health so that you can enjoy your increasing wealth at the pink of your mood and health.

White: If counted, the number of well-off people with an unhappy soul will be crashing the calculators. This white fortune cat showers you with happiness to those in the dire need.

Calico: This one’s found with bi-colour patches and is believed to bestow you with ultimate luck, hence a favourite of most.

Red: It is the worst part when you have all the wealth but no one to share with. This lucky red cat brings in stability in your love life and relationships.

Gold: This one’s the ultimate wealth cat, the colour justifying itself.

Black: People who are always related to life-risking professions or those who feel unsafe due to threats, black fortune cats are the recommended good luck charms.