Nang Kwak – Thai Goddess of Wealth


Most Thai shops and counters can be spotted with a statue of this beckoning lady sacredly called Nang Kwak, the Goddess of Wealth. The reason behind this being that this statue is considered the good luck charm to bring in a greater number of customers, with her right-hand waving at them. Bejewelled in a gold crown, bangles and other ensembles, a typical Thai dress, she is portrayed sitting with a gold bag in her left hand. This bag is believed to symbolize wealth. They say, red is her favourite colour, and the Japanese cat Maneki Neko is often spotted with her statue.

Nang Kwak Folklore

Some of the Thai people believe that Nang Kwak symbolizes their Goddess of rice, Mae Phosop. Hence, at times, you may find that her name is preceded by ‘Mae’ that stands for the mother. As rice always epitomizes good fortune and wealth, so this incarnation of Mae Phosop is believed to flourish your wealth to manifolds.

Another legend of this epitome of wealth dates back to the time of early sermons of Buddhism. They say there used to be a young girl named Supawadee. Being from a small merchant family, from a small town in the Northern India, she was to go on trips with her father. Her father’s business was barely able to meet their needs, and it was a hard struggle every day. On one such business trip, this young lady happened to come across a Buddhist sermon.  As everything clicked to her right at that moment, so she got converted to a Buddhist. This young lady became a devoted follower of this religion and kept serving to the mankind until one day Gasaba Thaera, a much worthy person of this religion noticed her sincerity. As he was empowered with special powers, he bestowed his special blessings on Supawadee. Also, she was blessed by another Buddhist Saint Phra Sivali while attending a sermon. She was endowed with blessings to bring in prosperity and good fortune. Consequently, her family was the first to acquire wealth and good fortune following which many people rushed to get blessed by her. Nang Kwak is said to be the spirit of this young lady.

How is Nang Kwak worshipped?

Mostly the Thai merchants, who are into travelling for their business, carry along amulets of Nang Kwak, that is, with the pictures of this goddess. As for the statues spotted at the business establishments and houses, this goddess is offered several items as tokens of worship. Also, some people have huge pictures of Nang Kwak at their homes and offer incense sticks, rice, and flowers to please the goddess. Those, who worship this deity, also offer sweets and bottles of water. As rice is also considered to bring good fortune, they also offer white rice to acquire her blessings. There is always a golden bag that can be spotted on the left side of this goddess. It bestows you with wealth and her right hand is said to beckon the customers into a shop or business establishment.