Omkareshwar Temple

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Omkareshwar temple is situated in Madhya Pradesh, India. Omkareshwar temple is considered to be one of the “Dwadash Jyotirligam”. Lord Shiva is worshipped here. It lies on the island called Shivapuri which is beside the river Narmada. This island has a shape of holy Om letter. It is 2 km wide and 4 km long. There are basically two temples one is dedicated to lord Omkareshwar which means the lord of Om sound and other to lord Amareshwar, which means the lord of immortality. According to mythology Mamleswar is the original jyotirligam, which is situated at the other side of the river Narmada. Omkareshwar temple is situated in Khandwa District of Madhya Pradesh which is near to Mortakka area of Madhya Pradesh. Khandwa is 20 miles from Morkatta. Omkareshwar temple has its geographical importance because it is situated beside Narmada which is one of the most important rivers in Madhya Pradesh and having world’s biggest dam projects.

Omkareshwar TempleThere are three popular legends of the formation of Omkareswar temple. The first story is about lord Narada and Vindhya parbat. Once upon a time lord Narada went to Vindhya parbat and told him about the greatness of Meru parbat. Vindhya felt jealous about Meru and started praying to lord Shiva to become larger than Meru. Lord shiva was pleased by his prayer and fulfilled his dream, he is divided into two parts one was Amareswar and the other is Omkareswar. Shiva gave a boon to grow to Vindhya but took a promise that he never be a barrier for the devotees to lord Shiva but Vindhya did not hear that later and kept growing. All the devotees asked Agasthya to stop Vindhya from doing that, Agasthya and his wife went to him and made him convinced that he would stop growing until Agasthya left the place. Agasthya never left and Vindhya remained as it was. Agasthya stayed at Srisailam which is well known as Dakshina Kashi of 12 jyotirligam. The other legend says that king Mandhata started praying to lord Shiva till lord manifested as a jyotirligam. Another legend says that when Devas were defeated in the war of Devas and Danavas, Devas worshipped to lord shiva, lord Shiva appeared to them as Omkareswar and defeated the Danavas.

The main architecture of the Omkareshwar temple reflects the traditional Hindu culture. it was formed in typical north Indian style temple architecture. It became the centre of attraction for the devotees. More than thousand devotees visit this Omkareshwar temple every day. The founder of the temple is still unknown. The big dome is made by stone slabs. The sanctum containing the shrine seems to have been an old temple. The main deity is not infront of the main door of the temple as the main door and the shikkhar were constructed later.

The deity is worshipped thrice a day. The morning pujan is done by trustee of the Omkareshwar temple the middle pujan is done by Scindia state and the evening pujan is done by Holker state. The devotees generally come to the deity with a pot full of narmada water, other articles with a coconut. There is a huge crowed of devotees at the time of Parva. On every Monday the gold plated deity is carried out by a palanquin to the river bank and after the worship it is carried out to the main city. In the month of Shravan an important event is held at Omkareshwar temple which is known as Somvar Sawaris. Here the crowed throw red gulal in the air and uttered the name Jai Shambhu Bholenath. Bholenath is the other name of lord Shiva.

  1. T. Mahajan, a retired deputy collector, worked for the Omkareshwar temple for long 30 years and reconstructed the temple several times. Now the executive manager of the Omkareshwar temple is Ashoke Mahajan. They rebuilt the entry and exit of the Omkareshwar temple to make it easier to avail for the devotees.

There are a few transports available for the Omkareshwar temple visit. The steam boats are very popular to Shivapuri islands. The nearest airport to Omkareshwar temple is Indoor airport. The nearest rail station is Omkareswar road of Khadwa Junction but as it is not the main line so the nearest rail station is Indoor junction. There are frequent bus services from Ujjain city, Khandwa, Indoor and Omkareswar road.

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