Peaches are more likely to be mentioned as a favourite fruit of some but a good luck charm, is it? Yes, these sweet and tangy fruits are believed to protect one from the influence of evil and promote love. Moreover, these fruits symbolize health, longevity, abundance, wealth and immortality. Owing to the long life that it symbolizes, peach-shaped cakes and peach wood charms are one of the oldest traditional gifts for birthdays. From Chinese good luck charms to birthday cakes or presents, these pinkish fruits find a place everywhere.

Chinese folklore

Among the three lucky fruits in Feng Shui, peach is the one that is counted as the one from heaven owing to the Chinese folklores about gods of immortality. Also, Shou, one of the three immortal gods of Chinese folklores, is spotted waking with this fruit of peach, as a symbol of long life, in the traditional fortune pictures.

One of these folklores pivots about the longevity that this fruit blesses you with. Once there lived a Queen Mother of the West in the Kunlun Mountains. She owned an orchard of peach trees near to her palace, which used to be all blossoms only after an interval of three thousand years. It took about another three thousand years for the fruits of these peach trees to ripen. Once the Queen Mother during her visit to Wu, the emperor of Han Dynasty, had carried seven of these peaches and assured the emperor that one peach fruit endows the eater with life as long as its own ripening period.

Another version of Chinese folklores says, peaches bless you with protection from the evil spirits. On the mountains of Dushuo, once there used to be a huge peach tree with its branches long enough to make a doorway for the evil spirits to the earth. Two mighty brothers had been on the guard of this doorway ever since the spirits posed threats to mankind. Hence, they came to be known as the Door Gods. By Chinese traditions, peach wood lucky charms engraved with the portraits of these Door Gods are found to be hung at the entrance of many houses, shops, and restaurants.

Peach wood lucky charms

Peach wood had served as a good luck charm since the ancient years of Chinese civilization. Swords and arrows were once carved out of this wood. Now, these are replaced with little peach wood amulets or pendant-like good luck charms. Mostly these are tied around the foot of young children so as to protect them from evil eye and bestow them with good fortune and health.

The other peach good luck charms include the Peach with Pi Kan charm. This is just a simple brass plate, moulded in the shape of peach fruit, with engravings of peach tree leaves and auspicious images of Chinese mythological characters. These good luck charms are more likely to be coated in chrome gold and are tied to red silk cords as amulets with embellishments of beautiful knots so as to enhance its positive vibes and powers. People welcome the positive vibes of these peach charms in the forms that suit their dire needs.