Peridot – Birthstone of August

Peridot – Birthstone of August

The birthstone of August, Peridot, is known for endowing happiness in the wearer’s life. Being lustrously green in colour, this gemstone is recommended as an alternative for the dazzling green natural emerald. It is often referred to as the Evening Emerald, thereby justifying its application as the alternative for emerald. This precious stone showers you with prosperity and makes way for growth and well-being of your family. Out of all the good things that this darting green gemstone bestows you with, happiness and undying love make it a perfect good luck charm for the couples celebrating the 16th year of marital bliss.  Though olivine, its constituent mineral is rare, yet the gem itself is rare and much celebrated.

Ideally, who should wear Peridot?

Being the birthstone of August, this precious green stone is justifiably recommended to almost all the August born-s. Going by the zodiac signs, Leos and Virgos are the ones, who can wear this gemstone. Apart from the august born-s, those belonging to the sun signs of Gemini, Sagittarius, and Scorpio can also wear Peridot as their lucky gem stones. It is always mandatory to get a recommendation from your astrologer to wear this gemstone, no matter how much its attributes seem to be the solutions to your issues.

Benefits of Peridot

This gemstone is popularly termed as the ‘crystal of increase,’ that is, wearing this gemstone, you are endowed with the best of opportunities in every venture of yours. Owing to the increased boost in confidence, prosperity, and creativity, which this precious green stone bestows you with, you are more likely to be satisfied with all your work.

  • This lustrous green crystal is believed to have connections to the chakra of heart. It helps you follow your ever-loved passion and leads to their much-awaited manifestation. Being connected to the chakra of your heart, this gemstone is extremely lucky for those, with an overshadowing past.
  • This good luck charm helps in giving up the past negativities, like guilt and envy, of one’s life helping one heal from any sort of emotional upheavals of the past.
  • Also, this gemstone helps you combat depression and fits of anger, stabilizing your psyche and letting you concentrate in the present opportunities.
  • Peridot is also a lot of help for the ones, with sleeping disorders. It has been proven a perfect cure for the worst of nightmares. This precious gemstone works wonder for your sleepless nights due to anxiety and insomnia.
  • It has proven to be an excellent good luck charm for those suffering from phobias like hypochondria.
  • A lot of ailments is healed by this precious stone as well. Health issues with lungs, kidneys, liver, gall bladder, heart and digestion are said to be cured faster with this green crystal. Also, this stone is a boost for your impaired eyesight.
  • It works wonder as a detoxifier and has regenerative powers, thereby stabilizing your metabolism rate and aiding in the repair of tissues.

As an alternative gemstone for the expensive emerald or as a lovely jewellery piece, this good luck charm of Peridot showers you with happiness, positivity, fame and a sense of responsibility making way for a better and peaceful living.