Radha Krishna Idol for You


Radha Krishna is the perfect couple in the Indian mythology. They depict love, friendship, and positivity. A lot of people are huge followers of Radha Krishna, and we have just the right thing if you adore them too. We have excellent Radha Krishna idols and statues for you. Radha and Krishna are popular for their stories of friendship, love, etc. Legends say that if you gift an idol of the two together to newly married people, they have a happy life ahead.

It is also believed that Radha Krishna idols can bring purity in a relationship and attract more love. If you want pure love and unity to ooze in your house, you need to have one of these idols in your room. You can place them in the temple or in your car too.

You can find the idols in various designs, colours, sizes and ranges. You can find marble, brass, gold plated and many other types of idols. Other than this, you can find a good range starting from Rs.250 till up to Rs.7000. You can make a choice of what you want in your home or office or for gifting and get it from one place.

To purchase your favourite idol, just click on the “read more” option, and you will be navigated to the desired website. You can get more information about the pieces, pictures and directly purchase it through the site too. We often update our collection, so don’t forget to come back here for more such idols. You can also find Krishna idols with a flute individually, but the two definitely make a beautiful picture. Get various distinctive idols of Radha and Krishna together through our exclusive portal only.

Grab your most loved one before it is gone.