Ram Darbar Statue


Ram Darbar coins are quite popular, but not many have the Ram Darbar Statue in their house. We have excellent and marvellous idols of Ram Darbar. In this statue, you will see Lord Ram, Sita, Laxman and Hanuman all together in one picture. While Lord Rama is standing giving his blessing, Goddess Sita is by his side along with Rama’s brother Laxman. Lord Hanuman is seen bowing down in front of Lord Rama to seek his blessing and showing the Lord a sign of respect.

Who wouldn’t want to have such a marvellous piece of mythology in their house? If you are a believer of Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman, you have them both in one idol. This is a great piece to keep in your temple as it will bring a new life to the temple in the house. You can also gift it to someone who is an avid follower of all these gods and goddesses.

You can find the statues in different price range, designs like marble setting, brass, metal and more. The prices vary from Rs.500 up to Rs.5000 and more. Each and every piece is exceptional in its own way. You will be astonished to see how gorgeous they look.

Once you hit the “Read more” option below the picture, you will be directly navigated to the purchasing portal. You can get additional details, see more pictures and you can finalize your purchase over here. The multi-coloured idols are the most popular ones on the site as they have excellent details of the jewellery and clothing of all four.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the Ram Darbar idols and statues only from our space. Enhance your space with it in the best way possible and add some beauty to your home.