Ruby – Birthstone of July

Ruby – Birthstone of July

Red as blood, rubies are counted among the most precious gemstones bestowed with a lot of fiery positivity. Being the scarcest occurring gemstones, rubies are also popular as the king of all precious gems. Precious indeed, as the glowing red colour of rubies are said to bring in devotion and love. Owing to this attribute, couples are gifted with rubies as good luck charm on the celebrations of their 15th and 40th years of their marital bliss.

Also, there had been a strong belief among the warriors that these blood red stones are meant to arouse natural intuitions for danger bestowing them with valour at the battlefield. Coronation ensembles or wedding rings, these precious gemstones have always been popular among the royalties. One such beautiful ruby ring was given by Prince Andrew as a token of love to the Duchess of York, Fergie, on their engagement.

Ideally, who should wear this gemstone?

Being the birthstone of all July born people, this gemstone is advisably worn on the ring finger. It is said to be endowed with the powers to control all the other planets, as it is endowed with the energetic vibes of Sun. Though it is the birthstone of July born, yet it can bestow those belonging to the zodiac signs of Leo and Virgo. This precious gemstone is believed to change its hue to the lighter when there is a sign of ill fate approaching closer and to the brighter marking the return of good times.

How to determine the genuine ones?

While purchasing a ruby, you need to check on its saturation, hue, and tone as an assurance of your investment. By the hue of this gemstone, its colour is being considered, that is rich red or pinkish red. Next in the queue is the saturation of this gemstone, that is, if the colour of gemstone is darker or lighter. Lastly, it is the purity of this hue. Even the slightest variations rather overlap of colours pink, orange or purple, in the red hue of rubies are considered as not so pure tone. The purer toned gemstone will be completely of a single colour.

Benefits of Ruby gemstone

This precious gemstone occurs in several shades of red, among which the pigeon blood red variant costs the most. Also, the colour of this gemstone varies from bright, rich red to the pinkish shades of red. The redder and clearer your ruby is, the better fortune you are endowed with. The Burmese rubies are the finest quality variants of these fiery red gemstones, hence priciest as well.

These red gemstones bring in good health, steep advances in your career graphs and high self-confidence.

  • Ruby gemstones cater to energy issues and revitalize the laid-back attitude especially much essential for students.
  • This precious gemstone is most widely used so as to bring in stability in career, a quicker key to success, wealth and fame, thereby apt for those appearing for various competitive exams.
  • In the elderly people, rubies help in combating blood circulation issues and the eyesight issues as well.
  • Available in several shades, these gemstones are meant to bless you in the folds of self-realization, calm and luxury all at the same time.

So, check with your astrologer if yours is the matching birth chart and get the best benefits with this red crystalline good luck charm of Ruby.