Santoshi Mata

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Santoshi Mata is an emblem if love, forgiveness, hope and happiness. She inspires her devotees to cherish family values and helps to come out of critical situations and crisis with determination. She is also considered to be the goddess of satisfaction. This goddess is also considered to be incarnation of Durga Mata and is highly worshipped throughout India and even by Indians those who are residing outside India. It is believed that worshipping of goddess Santoshi Mata and her blessings will bring peace and prosperity in a family.

Santoshi Mata is venerated as the Mother of Satisfaction and is mainly worshipped by women. A ritual fast named Santoshi Maa Vrata is performed especially by women on 16 consecutive Fridays to get blessings from Santoshi Mata. She accepts all problems, sorrows and ill fate of her worshippers and bestows blessings of prosperity and happiness.

Santoshi Mata is considered as the most calm, pure and soft hearted form of Goddess Durga. She is depicted to sit on a lotus which signifies that even in the world of selfishness and rudeness, goddess of satisfaction is everywhere for her devotees. The lotus blossoms in the sea are filled with milk and are a symbol of her purity. Santoshi Mata refrains all sour things and encourages her devotees to do what is write in order to attain eternal joy and satisfaction.

Mata Santoshi not only symbolizes calmness and purity, but also saves the devotees from evil powers with the Trishul in her right hand the sword in her left hand. As per belief, this goddess has four hands. The hands having weapons are not visible to her devotees and are only to destroy the evil power. She is one of the most beautiful and loveable of all goddess who is always available to her worshippers. Santoshi Mata is the daughter of Lord Ganesha according to Hindu mythology. Lord Ganesha, his wife and their children were very happy and named the goddess Santoshi.

Rituals to be performed for Puja

On the day of Puja one should have a head bath and then place the photo of Santoshi Mata in a clean Puja area and put small Kalash. Then Santoshi Mata is decorated with flower. Channa along with jaggery piece and banana is served as Prasad. Devotees chant mantras and perform Aarati in front of the goddess. The worshippers fast the entire day of the Puja and have food only ones may be dinner. This is performed for 16 weeks on Friday. The worshippers generally do not touch sour items such as lemon, card etc. A married woman and a Brahmin are invited for meal. Also turmeric, milk, sugar, Kumkum and roasted gram is given to the married woman.

Requirements of Puja

  1. Kalash
  2. Flowers
  3. Turmeric
  4. Incense stick
  5. Betel leaves
  6. Coconut
  7. Channa
  8. Kumkum
  9. Camphor

There are many renowned temples dedicated to Santoshi Mata in India where innumerable devotees offer prayers to their beloved and respected goddess. Pragat Santoshi Maa temple is well known and is located in Jodhpur. Another popular temple of this goddess is the Shree Santoshi Mataji Mandir situated in Mumbai.

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