Sapphire – Birthstone of September

Sapphire – Birthstone of September

Portrayed as a token of love in reel and real royalties, Sapphire is one of the most celebrated gemstones. Starting with the blue sapphire and diamond necklace flaunted by Kate Winslet in the movie of Titanic to the statement engagement ring of Princess Diana, blue sapphires have been the favourite child of the love-struck scenes everywhere.

Ideally, who should wear sapphires?

Recommended to the zodiacs Pisces, Taurus Virgo and Sagittarius, this ethereally beautiful gemstone is bestowed with a number of positive powers. Being the birthstone of September, this is mainly for those, having quite a strong impact of Saturn on their birth charts. Available in several colours, Sapphires help in enhancing patience, will power, and confidence. Also, these are gifted to those couples celebrating 5th or 45th anniversaries as a good luck charm for marital bliss.

Benefits of Sapphires variants

Few of these precious iridescent stones change their colour when seen in different lights. They seem to be dark blue when seen in the daylight and change to a purple hue, when seen in the artificial light.

Pink Sapphires

These precious stones of Sapphire are available in a range of colours. The rarest of all is the pinkish orange variant, named after the Sanskrit term for Lotus Padparadscha. Besides its rarity, the major benefit of this stone is to gift you with a great power of judgment and sincerity. It is highly beneficial in curing neurological disorders like epilepsy. Also, since the ancient times, this stone has been considered to bring out your charisma and discard the negative emotions- thus working as an anti-depressant.

Blue Sapphires

The blue sapphires are meant to bring in fame and wealth. It enhances your inner calm and boosts self-realization. This blue gemstone improves your wealth inflow in multiple ways and that too within a remarkably short time. Clarity of thoughts and calmness are the major benefits of these blue gemstones. Also, people wearing this gemstone enjoy a better digestion and a more energetic life. These precious blue stones bless you with good concentration thereby helping with a good focus.

Yellow Sapphires

The yellow variant of this good luck charm works wonders for super-fast success. It bestows a person with prosperity and fame. Also, it rekindles the spark in lovelorn couples and brings in marital bliss as well. Besides prosperity, wealth, and fame, this variant of sapphires is a bringer of good health and wisdom too. This precious gemstone is effective in the cure of skin issues, blood circulation, liver related issues and tumors.

Green Sapphires

Besides the common variants of blue and yellow, sapphires are available in the hue of green as well. Like the other variants, this one also has its own set of benefits for a particular group of people. Though it is not the most expensive variant of sapphire, yet it is counted among the rarest ones. Mostly recommended to those with zodiac sign as Taurus, green sapphire blesses in reforming one’s character and lifts up one’s morals. Bringing in peace and knowledge, it enhances patience, reasoning skills, strong memory and observation capacity. The best blessing this gemstone bestows you with is the highly energetic and happy vibe that helps you in the phases of endurance.

Sapphire helps you to make through the rough patches of life, even when it turns upside down. Knowing so much about these stones is still not all for wearing it as a gemstone your astrologer’s nod always has to do the final rounds.