Simple tips to please goddess Lakshmi and bring wealth in life

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Goddess Laxmi, who’s regarded as among the three major forms of Durga, is very benevolent towards her devotees. Simple habits such as hygenic living and generosity towards needy people is sufficient to please her.

But occasionally we experience that despite these habits, one is confronting financial issues or doesn’t have abundance in life. No matter what your circumstance is, a powerful mantra described in shastras that could evoke Laxmi’s blessings.

Reciting ‘Shukra Beej Mantra’ 108 times (one mala) each Friday is bound to bring change in your circumstances.

The area in which you do this chanting should be well lit and tidy. You can light a ghee diya infront of you while chanting the mantra.

Besides, maintain a shree yantra at home. According to mythology Sri Yantra was owned by Lord Bramha and highly praised by Lord Vishnu.

The Sri Yantra is regarded as the visual depiction of the sound vibration of ‘Om’. In case you have a picture/photo of Sri Yantra, hang it on the wall prior to the East direction for getting monetary benefits.

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