Sita Mata – the consort of Lord Rama

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Sita mata is the girl of the Earth goddess, Bhumi Devi, and focal figure of the Ramayana. Sita grew up and played in the castle of Janakaraj. She got well referred to for her excellence and also her dedication. She could regularly be seen invested in the Deity of the Lord of the Surya-vamsa.

Thusly she uncovered to those near her that she was no customary young person. Ruler Janaka had a bow said to have been honored by Lord Shiva. It was an incredible bow and the lord chose to offer his little girl to one who could lift it and charge its shaft.  As Sri Rama bowed the bow, it broke. Sitadevi came and garlanded him and acknowledged him as her spouse. The marriage of Rama and Sita Devi was solemnized in a great way.

At the point when Sri Rama came to realize that he need to go to the wilderness, supported his father and said he might go to the woods to satisfy his promise. Rama promptly disposed of his regal robes and decorations and wearing sack-attire, ready to leave for the forested areas.

In the wake of gathering his mother, Rama went to his wife Sita. She was then rising with bliss at the looming crowning ritual of her spouse and was performing love for his great; she was doling out doles and offerings. Taking a gander at Sita’s delight and festival, Rama felt it excruciating to advise her that he might not be delegated and that he might be leaving for the wilderness. He knows she might be stunned. Taking a gander at his stressed face, Sita asked: “You have all the earmarks of being concerned at such a blissful minute.

Rama said: “Dear Janaki, don’t feel lamented at what I am going to let you know. I need to leave the capital for a far off spot. You ought to see me off happily.” He told her about the issue and said; I will go to the woods for fourteen years and return. You ought to stay without outrage or distress.

Sita was disheartened. She was not sad either at the wiping out of her spouse’s crowning ordinance or at the requested delegated of Bharata. Anyway she felt furious that Rama ought to desert her and go to the jungle solely. She said: “I can’t live for a minute without you my lord. In your nonappearance, this Ayodhya will be a wilderness to me. The backwoods wherein you stay will be great for me. I just wanted to stay with you like your shadow. You can’t just leave me here.”

Sita might not listen to his pleadings. She demanded: “Whether it is wilderness or town, it is my obligation to be with you. I couldn’t care less for solaces here. I am not apprehensive about the troubles we may experience in the backwoods. You are such a lion of a man. Wouldn’t you be able to secure me there?” Tears moved down her eyes. Rama inevitably needed to concur with her: “Sita in the event that you are with me, any wilderness is paradise. Give it a chance to be, as you craving. Get ready to go.” Sita gleefully did the arrangements.

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