Skanda Mata

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The auspicious occasion of Goddess Durga Puja lasts for nine days where all the nine forms of Goddess Durga known as Nava Durga are being worshipped.These nine days of Puja is collectively known as Navaratri. Skanda Mata is considered to be the fifth manifestation or fifth divine form of Goddess Durga and is worshipped on the fifth day of Navaratri. As the name Skanda Mata implies, this Goddess is the mother of Skanda.

Skanda is none other but Kumar Kartikay and is also commonly known as Lord Murugan in many regions of southern India. Being the mother of Lord Skanda, this fifth form of Goddess is popular as Devi Skanda Mata.

goddess skanda mataGoddess Skanda is represented with four arms and three eyes. She holds Kumar Kartikay in her lap. Both of her left and right upper hands are found to hold lotus. She is also known with the name Padamasana Devi as in meditation state, she seats on lotus. She uses lion to move around and is the vehicle of Devi Skanda Mata.

Worshipping of Goddess Skanda on the fifth day of Navaratri has a great significance. The elegant appearance of Skanda Mata mesmerizes the devotees and worshippers. She is a true symbol of purity and by offering invocation to this divine power, worshippers travel the tranquil Universe in order to pacify their mind and soul. It is a belief that the worshippers and devotees enter into Vishudh Chakra while worshipping on this day of Navaratri Puja. Vishudh implies to undiluted. The devotees feel the removal of the tensions and impurities of the outer world and gets immersed completely in adhere of Skanda Mata. On this auspicious occasion, the worshippers realize and experience the immense pleasure and peace in mind and soul. They make themselves free from the unnecessary and meaningless anxieties of human life and enjoy the happiness bestowed by Skanda Mata. The journey into Vishudh Chakra makes devotees realize the truth of life and they leave behind the sorrows and achieve the divine and great commitment in life.

maa skand mataPanchami or fifth day of Navaratri Puja is completely dedicated to Skanda Mata and helps the worshippers and devotees to achieve the profound blessings. Her divine brightness radiates in the life of the devotees. With her blessings, all true wishes get accomplished. One important thing about Skanda Mata is that she never lets the worshippers return with empty hands. It is a fact that her blessings are boundless which leads to peace in life. Goddess Skanda shows the directions towards Moksha or Nirvana. By offering prayer to this divine goddess, worshippers can come out from various dilemmas of life and move forward peacefully for salvation.

Skanda Mata is one form of Goddess Parvati. A devotee who worships Skanda Mata gets the benefit of worshipping Lord Kartikay as well. According to the Puranas, worshipping of Skanda Mata is very fruitful. Worshippers get the energy to fight against the materialistic wishes and focuses on eternal peace. Skanda Mata is the premium goddess of the solar system and can provide magnitude to her devotees.


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