Smudge Stick

Smudge Stick for Purification

Being one of the superstitious beliefs of the natives of America, using smudge sticks has now become a common practice for purifying household spaces across the globe. Smudge sticks are herbs tied in bundles for the typical American rituals. It is believed that smudge sticks are quite effective in discarding all the negative vibes, hence is the most sought-after good luck charm when moving to a new house.

Which is the most common variant of smudge sticks?

Smudge sticks are bundles of the herb called sage. Few of its variants grow into typical shrubs. This herb, owing its origin to the family of mints, spikes up into purple flowers in summers. The one that has found its use in the America superstitions is the white sage, known as Salvia Apiana. Owing to its utility, this herb is often referred to as the sacred sage. Another name of this white sage is ‘bee sage,’ as its flowers happen to be a favourite of the bees. While this variant is considered sacred, there is another variant of this herb Salvia officinalis, mostly used in the American recipes that date back to the middle age.

White Sage Folklores

Since the middle age, this herb has played a role in the English customs and folklores. They say, in those gardens where sage grows healthy, the wife has the last word in the house. Also, if your garden has a purplish layer of these flowering herbs, it was believed to be an indication for a flourishing business deal. From curing ailments like epilepsy, fever and liver diseases to granting immortality, this herb has found a role in all these beliefs. Also, this herb was considered sacred by the Romans, and a lot of ceremonial sacrifices were performed at its harvest.

When to use a smudge stick?

Generally, people opt for smudging while shifting abode, but it can be done anytime when you feel there is negativity all around and things are not going the way it used to. Also, if some unknown people visit you with some complaints or some familiar ones visit you sharing their sorrows, it is preferred to smudge the dark corners of your house. This is due to the fact that their sorrows leave behind negative energies in your house and at times within you as well. Hence, smudging around your house at those times can discard the impacts of these negative energies.

How to use a smudge stick?

You can get it readymade, or you can make it yourself as well. Tie a good number of white sage twigs into a bundle. You can also include a few twigs of sweet grass in your smudge stick, as these are also considered good for purification purposes. The smudge stick has to be lit at one end, being placed in a fireproof bowl. Once it starts giving out mild fumes, smudge yourself by drawing it around from top to toe. Then, starting from the front door, take this smudge stick all about your house using a feather to spread around the fumes to the corners. Keeping all the windows open to let out the negative energy is a mandate while using this good luck charm for purifying your ambience.