Soma – the moon god

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The Soma plant and the beverage inferred from the Soma, likewise called Soma is referenced in the Rig Veda and a large portion of alternate scriptures. This plant and beverage discover references in the Persian Avestan custom as well. Over a time of time, I think the same term began alluding to a ton of distinctive plants.

Soma, the beverage, is what might as well be called Ambrosia  the beverage of the Gods.

In the Vedas, drinking soma is said to make one cheerful, fulfilled, and even undying. In the advanced world we live in, nobody appears to have an acceptable thought of which plant is really the Soma plant. One estimation is that it is a mushroom that develops oblivious. Amanita Muscaria is one such mushroom with properties of psychotropic. Divine burgeon of Immortality by the Soma book, Ethno-Mycological Studies portrays the Soma mushroom and the ethnic essences in different societies, fundamentally the Persian and Vedic societies.

In current Hindu tantric practices in the southern state of Kerala, in any case, Soma is an alternate amount. The plant name of Soma is `sarcostemma Brevistigma`. It is a vine that is usually found in the Western Ghats of South India. The stem is utilized to make the Somarasa for some yagas in Kerala. The King of Kollengode, a recent realm in Kerala, is obliged to supply the soma stems for yagas. It is portrayed in the book Agni by Frits Stall. Agni: The Vedic Ritual of the Fire alternation with all kinds of tapes.

The quest for the Soma plant proceeds  on the off chance that somebody were to discover it, as depicted in the Veda and the Avesta, it might give eternality, the light of learning/mindfulness, and mend numerous ills according to Susrutha and the Atharva Veda. In later Hinduism the Soma was supplanted by the Rhubarb plant because of Soma being inaccessible. Susrutha additionally says that the best Soma might be found in Kashmir and the Upper Indus area.

There is likewise a legendary god Soma, who was portrayed as a bull or feathered creature, and off and on again as a fetus. What is intriguing is that he is never indicated as an adult grown-up. In Hinduism, the god Soma advanced into a lunar god, and got connected with the underworld. The moon is the container from which the divine beings drink Soma, thus Soma got related to the moon god Chandra. This demonstrates why in Hindi, “Somvar” signifies “Monday”.

A waxing moon implied Soma was reproducing himself, prepared to be devoured. Soma had twenty-seven wives every one of whom were girls of the extraordinary King Daksha who conducts the Daksha yaga, who felt he gave careful consideration to only one of his wives, Rohini the star. He reviled him to shrink and bite the dust. His wives might have none of that thus they interceded and the passing got intermittent and brief. Soma is never-endingly condemned to bite the dust and be reborn once like in 28 days.

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