St Joseph Statue to Sell House


From Medal to Saint Joseph statuesthe belief went stronger

The superstitious belief or devotion as you may say started back in Europe. In dire need of getting a somewhat bigger land to meet the basic needs, a few nuns offered their prayers to Saint Joseph. As a simple gesture of offering, they had buried their medals in their land after their prayers. Much to their surprise, fortune smiled on them within a very short time. This story has now taken the form of a strong belief regarding real estate deals and the custom of burying medals have now changed to burying statues of the patron saint.

The entire custom

Once you are through with burying the good luck charm on your property, a prayer has to be followed to make it work as desired. There are few options for this as well – 30days prayer, 9day Novena or the 7 Sunday Novena – you can go for the one that suits you. The statue burial accompanied by the prayers impart your attempts a mould of devotion instead of that of a superstitious belief. For those of you, not much in practice with reciting the prayers, you can find the St. Joseph chaplet and rosary along with a little-detailed prayer card in the stores, selling St. Joseph prayer kit.

While the Saint Joseph kit blesses you with a good fortune at real-estate sales, a picture card of the patron Saint as a worker blesses you with employment. The picture on this card portrays Joseph at his work bench of carpentry holding a divinely innocent Jesus in his arms. People consider this picture as a good luck charm while seeking employment.