Things In Your Home Are Causing You Loss Of Money

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The belongings you keep at your home directly or in other way influence your life. Now and then some things we purchase and place inside our home may make unhappy goddess Lakshmi and in the end cause us financial loss. These belongings make disharmony in a space, catch negative energy and impact on mind at a sub- conscious level. This prompts to an unstable financial circumstance and even business misfortunes. As per Vastu Shashtra you should instantly dispose of these things from your home to keep away any financial difficulties.

Idols facing each other
Hardly any people know about this, nevertheless, you shouldn’t place two idols of gods facing one another. This enhances your bills and decreases revenue resources.

Non working electronic devices
Keeping devices that do not work properly at home can attract negative energy. Remove non functional equipment like TV sets, computers, iron, unused cable and refrigerators from home.

Clock that does not work
A non working clock generates negative energy at work place and home. It slow down your financial growth and causes income related issues.

Plants with thorns
Thorny plants like cactus and bushes within house can also bring financial issues to the family. Ensure they are for all time planted outside the home.

Damaged or broken idol
Placing broken or damaged idols of gods at home will also source of financial troubles. Posters of gods that contain torn out should be removed immediately.

Broken mirror
Keeping broken mirror or harmed glass things in the house causes monetary issues. In case your glass window sheets have broken, change them instantly.

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