Three legged toad

Three legged toad

Feng Shui astrology, which owes its origin to Chinese folklores and calendar, is now being embraced and widely practiced in areas all across the globe. The three legged toad is a good luck charm of Feng Shui working wonders for monetary issues.

You might have come across this golden Feng shui fortune bringer at certain business centres. This good luck charm symbolizes wealth and good fortune. It is popular by a list of other names such as wealth frog, fortune frog, the money toad, or the lucky money frog as well. With its base resembling a weird heap of coins, this wealth frog brings in money to your workplace or home when placed properly. Yes, with proper placement, these frogs can draw the end-line to your worst financial problems all at once.

Mythical origin of this fortune frog

Among several myths about the origin of this fortune frog, one says that this frog lives on the moon. Another of the myth that is commonly believed says that this fortune frog was found injured, in the well of a certain immortal being. As the frog was not able to come out of the well, he had helped it out of the well, and thereafter, the frog used to fetch him gold coins as a sign of gratitude. Another such mythical story says of a man found a three-legged frog in a wishing well in his bucket while drawing up water. As he saved the frog, it used to fetch gold coins for the man, diving into the bottom of that wishing well. While different people believe in different versions of the myths, ultimately this fortune frog is always packed with gold coins around it, carrying one gold coin in its mouth.

A few tips for placing the fortune frog correctly

Placing this wealth frog near the entrance door is necessary, but you also need to keep in mind that this toad cannot be placed right opposite to the door. Placing it on the floor is a strict ‘no-no;’ you can consider placing it on an elevated shelf or a side table. While you place it on a table, make sure that it does not face the main entrance of your abode or workplace. This wealth frog is absolutely potent of flushing out all your money when placed with its face outwards. You can place it in the fortune corner of your abode as well. Southeast corner works the best for those with the financial crisis in business.

Placing these money frogs in your bedroom or kitchen is of no use. Living areas and office desks are the ones where you can place these for inflow of wealth and fortune. Those aspiring a better career option can place a fortune frog at the North corner of your living room. For even better results, you can place one three-legged toad at each of the nine corners of your space.

Activating your fortune frog

This good luck charm is believed to shine on your finances when they are activated. Yes, even after you place it in a suitable corner of your home or workplace, it needs to be activated so as to obtain better results. Placing it on a red paper is the foremost requirement. Check if your vendor has provided a Chinese coin in the mouth of your fortune frog, as without the coin, this frog is like a yet-to-be-scratched-voucher without a coin. In the case, it is not provided, you can get a coin and place it. The coin has to be placed in a way that the Chinese writings or the ruby on it faces upwards. Also, a red ribbon swirled around it is essential for activation.

In the case, nine of these three legged toads seem to be not much easy on your budget; you can go for a set of three or six as well.