Topaz November Birthstone

Topaz November Birthstone

Birthstones are believed to be magical in every way. When someone is having troubles in their life, they head to an astrologer and get a ring made with their birthstone in it. If you are born in the month of November, your birthstone is Topaz. The beautiful yellow gemstone is one unique piece. Most of the topaz stones these days are lab created as the natural ones are hard to find plus there are various colours of shades in this stone. Legends suggest that the topaz November birthstone can do some wonders for the person wearing it.

What is the superstition behind it?

The superstition behind the Topaz stone is that symbolizes love, strength and affection. It is said that people wear this to increase their intellectual levels and will power. It heals the body and the mind along with protecting people. It also supports mental health.  People who want to treat digestion, eating disorders, become calm, sooth physical pains, increase forgiveness, remove negative energy from themselves and stay optimistic along with increase their metabolism should wear this ring.

Why wear a topaz birthstone?

We all are looking for ways to improve our lives and make them better. We try countless methods like praying, helping people and much more so karma doesn’t get us. We want to have a calm and peaceful life without any complications. This is the reason why you should wear the topaz birthstone and try to heal yourself with its power.

How will the stone help?

1. It is believed that the Topaz stone can bring major changes in your life. It can balance your mental, physical and emotional state.

2. The topaz stone is known to cure depression, anxiety attacks and also control anger problems. If you are born in November, you should wear the stone to stay positive and healthy. It will also enhance your luck!

3. According to Vastu, it is said that when you wear a topaz birthstone, you will see a change in your life within no time. If you are wondering where you should be wearing the ring, in most cases, it is advisable to wear the topaz ring in the middle finger on the right hand. Through this, you will get all the right energy from the gemstone and it will show its effects!

4. It is said that the warm colour of topaz gives a sense of harmony and peace. It is also the colour of the sun which means it has a gift of healing in the right way.

5. Did you know that Topaz stone was known to be one of the five elements which brought protection to deities? If you go by Hindu mythology, the meaning of the stone is heat and it is considered to be good for someone who wants to boost intelligence.

Is it for you?

If you want to wear the topaz November birthstone to heal metal, physical or any emotional issues, you can give it a try. The stone has a long history of positivity attached to it which means it is completely safe to wear it.  Make sure you talk to an astrologer and follow the right instructions on how to wear it.