Tortoise symbol of good luck

Tortoise symbol of good luck

Feng Shui and Vaastu have quite a few animals that are known to bring good luck in your house. If you are a fan of either one of them and want to re-decorate your house with the right kind of Vaastu all around, you need a tortoise. How does the tortoise symbol of good luck work? Well, this good luck charm will show its magic in many ways. Here are some details you need to know about the tortoise and how it will work for you:

What is the symbol?

There are a few different tortoise symbols that you can find at a Vastu store or Feng Shui shop. Most of the times, it is a tortoise with coins under his feet that are said to be lucky as he is bringing in good luck and income into the house. This is known as a tortoise on a bed of coins. Feng shui has a great impact on everyone across the world and so does Vastu. You are free to buy any type of good luck symbol of a tortoise that you prefer in your home. You can also get crystal tortoise or a brass statue of the animal that has its head looking upwards.

Why keep it at home?

According to Feng Shui and Vastu, it is said that the tortoise should be kept in the north area. When placing the tortoise in your house, make sure you are putting it in a bowl of water or a plate made with brass. This will energize the symbol more to show its magic. The face of the tortoise should be looking towards the east direction. Most people keep a tortoise in their home to invite harmony, good wealth and peace. You will see it as a décor piece in living rooms and also a part of people’s temple area as they worship this good luck symbol.

What does the Indian mythology say about it?

Lord Vishnu, the God of Preservation is said to have taken different nine forms. The second time he was reborn, he was a half tortoise and half man. This avatar of Vishnu is known as Kurma! Believers of Lord Vishnu often keep a tortoise idol or symbol in their home as they are welcoming him into their lives. The firm four legs of a tortoise will make sure you always have wealth coming inside your house and even though a tortoise is considered to be slow, but it is not a risk-taker. This is the idea behind keeping it as a good luck charm. It will balance the harmony in the house or workplace of whoever keeps it.

How will it affect you?

Like every other good luck charm, the tortoise will show its benefits in a few days if placed properly. This auspicious animal also symbolizes long life, wisdom, mother earth and long-lasting luck. Since the tortoise is one of the oldest creatures to ever exist, it is said that when you have a tortoise placed in your home, you are bringing long, lasting luck to your doorstep. Who doesn’t want to invite more luck in their life that will stay forever?

If you are looking to bring happiness, luck and have a good life, you can keep the beautiful tortoise in your house. The symbol holds a strong significance in Feng Shui plus Vaastu, and if you are a strong believer, you definitely need to place a tortoise in the north direction of your home.