Turkish Evil Eye

Turkish Evil Eye

From Bollywood celebrities to business tycoons, a greater number of people are spotted to boast of the Turkish Evil Eye over the past few years. Owing its origin to the age-old superstitions of Turkey, it is now being used all across the globe as a protection against misfortune. The black evil eye or the simply evil eye is considered to bring in bad luck or injury and cause pain to those who are at receiving end. The Turks had carved out the blue glass in the mould of an eye, with sheer perfection – the blue evil eye or the Turkish evil eye – so as to negate or destroy the effect of the evil eye.

Mythical origin of Turkish evil eye

Not only the Turks but people from the Indian sub-continent and the Mediterranean countries are also found to believe in the evil caused by the greedy, jealous and spiteful eyes on their fortune. No matter how much someone praises you, there is a little of envy hidden in most of the accolades. Going by the Turkish beliefs, the blue-eyed people are more likely to render negative vibes on your fortune. They consider categorically three types of evil eyes should be carefully avoided, the first being the unintentional ones, that is they cause you harm being oblivion of the fact themselves. Then comes the ones, who render negativity on you intentionally being jealous of your fortune, and the last one refers to the powerful invisible eye, which is counted as the most vicious one.

Where to get authentic Turkish evil eye1?

Blessed with a good fortune, many of the celebrities are found to wear this blue evil eye around their wrists. Well, a walk around the markets of Istanbul will flash numerous of these displayed or hanging at each of the shops. At Cappadocia’s panoramic viewpoint, you can find these blue glass pieces hung off from tree branches setting up a picture-perfect backdrop for the photo buffs. These blue evil eyes are now manufactured on a large scale at certain factories put up in China. This depicts how it is embraced by people from different cultural backgrounds across the globe.

How have people embraced this good luck charm?

You can find these blue evil eyes attached to key rings, bracelets, necklaces or simply as chains so as to hang them at the doors. At times, the evil eye stings on your good fortune while you, being clueless about it, a Turkish evil eye can do it for you in such cases. Being completely free from all the religious beliefs, this lucky charm has become popular with people from almost all religious backgrounds. It is believed that your blue evil eye is done with its protection to your good fortune when it cracks off. Turkish evil eye necklaces are the best options as good luck charm for children. These are also available in ceramic or plastic fibre.

How this blue hue protects you?

The blue hue has always been associated with protection, as many houses have doors painted in blue. Just the blue hue does not suffice the protection factor. The amulets crafted only by expert artisans with the core ingredients of copper, smelted glass, water and salt are to be trusted for a better impact. Though there are several manufacturers peeping through the markets, the original craft of making a blue evil eye is still prevalent back in the lands of the Turks. This trade, which can be traced back to over three thousand years, has craftsmen practicing its original manufacture as well. Even today there are people who earn their livelihood by spending long hours in the sultry furnaces so as to take forward this age-old traditional craft of blue evil eye. The glass is mould, coloured in dark and light hues of blue, in the furnaces and rendered the shape of an eye.

These are now topping the lists of popular souvenirs or gift items for occasions like house warming, birthdays, and success parties. Apart from protecting you from the ones with vicious intentions and those envious of you, this good luck charm protects you from those rendering negative effects on you, unintentionally, as well.