Turquoise Stone – Meaning and Symbolism

Turquoise Stone – Meaning and Symbolism

The ultimate roots of tranquility for all December born people lie in their birthstone of Turquoise stone. Going by all the ancient astrological beliefs, this blue stone is believed to be an all-in-one- a healer, a breeder of love and friendship, a pillar of strength and positivity and the one stone aiding to articulate personal expression. If not as a good luck charm, it can be worn as jewelry as well. Beautiful necklaces, earrings or bracelets, you can style it any way you prefer to. Every blue stone that is opaque may not be the one for you. You always need to know the type which is meant for your inner calm and betterment.

Ancient beliefs

Going by the ancient beliefs of Europeans, turquoise amulets are considered as fortune bringer for the horse riders. Till today, some people tie the turquoise amulets on their horsebacks with the strong belief that those horses would be safe from the accidents and probably win. Also, this gem is considered to be the safety buckle for pilots and all the individuals travelling by air. This precious blue stone has been symbolizing love by Shakespeare as well. A turquoise ring was the parting gift from an English woman to her beloved partner, while he went on a voyage, so as to remind him of her love always.

Benefits of Turquoise

Turquoise is believed to be the key towards a life free of inhibitions. Wearing this gemstone brings about a solace along with a sense of self-acceptance. Bestowing you with a sense of wholeness and the strength of meditation and intuitions, this powerful stone brings about the best in you.

The clear blue turquoise stones, the ones that cater to the astrological purposes, are expensive as well as much preferred over the tan-meshed varieties, in the European and Persian markets. The American Turquoise stones of this variety are the dearer ones when compared to the Chinese stones. These Turquoise stones are considered to serve purification purposes when worn as gemstones. Though it is the birthstone for those born in the month of December, yet it is suitable for few other zodiacs as well. Besides the Sagittarians and Aquarians, people having Scorpio and Pisces as their sun signs are also likely to be benefited from this blue good luck charm. Discover the inner calm instilled within you, with the help of this clear blue gemstone.

This blue gemstone helps you battle panic and depression. Also, it is believed to reduce chronic health issues of acidity, rheumatoid and stomach related issues. This powerful stone helps you in various other disorders like the speech and breathing issues. At times, wearing a turquoise necklace may help in reducing bronchial disorders. Turquoise balances out the three chakras of heart, throat and third eye- thereby catering to a healthy life.

Also, this much-treasured gemstone helps you deal with the emotional traumas. It comes with a sense of self-realization and peace. A Tibetan Turquoise stone is said to be the best healer for erratic mood swings and low self-confidence. For the public figures, a genuine turquoise stone can be much beneficial while speaking at public platforms, as it stabilizes panic attacks and is the perfect aid for self-expression.