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Ganesha means the ruler of ganas or deities earthly. He is known as Vighneswara or the dispeller of most obstables also.

Ganesha is undoubtedly the lord of the planet earth, just like Vishnu is the lord of Vaikunth, the residence of Vishnu, and lord Shiva called Kailashpati. As indicated by legend, Ganesha was created from the peeled-off waste materials that his mother, Goddess Parvati, rubbed far away from her body once, before cleaning up. This would go to show that Ganesha is from the element of earth. This is the only reason; priests use a lump of earth instead of am image of Ganesha during certain rituals.

It is firmly trusted that no individuals work effort on the planet is successful without the blessings or boon of lord Ganesha. Consequently, he’s propitiated before introducing any new business or project. Another reason to appease Ganesha first is that all human being thoughts are portrayed in the naad-bhasha or the terms of words, however the language of gods, goddess and deities who reside in the astral world is prakash-bhasha or words of light. Ganesha is believed to convert the naad-bhasha of humans in to the prakash-bhasha of the divine so that human being thoughts may reach the gods. That is why Ganesha is worshipped first.

As the king of globe, Ganesha contolls over the ten directions called disha. No heavenly influence can descend on the planet without his consent. Thus, for any heavenly power to bless or boon human beings, Lord Ganeshaa is invoked to permit astral bodies or systems to descend and bless people.

It is trusted that when lord Ganesha’s statues are immersed following ten days of puja, he takes away all misfortunes, obstables and poverty with him of his devotees.

Ganesha has two wives Siddhi and Riddhi, and two sons – Shubha and Labha. People often write his sons’ name on the accounts book and their assets.

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