Which flowers should be offered to gods and goddesses

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Gods and goddesses are heavenly divine powers and since they dwell in the astral world, these celestial bodies have the air component dominating in them. Accordingly, they have a sharp feeling of smell as, by their especially nature, these supreme and holy beings cherish good smell and are normally paying attention in to it, wherever it exists.

Through different rituals, gods and goddesses are prayed to emerge on the earth from their separate home place by presenting them their choice of objects. When they descend on this earth, they normally attract towards the pleasurable scent of flowers, aromas and different articles that release great aromas. It is on account of their liking for an amiable smell of flowers and incense that that we utilize them amid rituals.

Like individuals, divine beings and goddesses too have their primary choice a specific smell, aroma, color and flower. While some incline toward the aroma similar to the yellow marigold, others may like the white jasmine. Accordingly, just such articles, objects, leaves and flowers are utilized as a part of pujas and rituals that discover support with the presiding god of the puja or rituals.

In Hinduism’s Holy Scriptures, even the count or the quantity of flowers and particular leaves that are to be offered is determined. Certain divine beings are to be offered three red flowers while some others might be offered five or nine of yellow or white flowers, together with the leaves of a specific tree.

Lord Ganesha

Preferred flowers: any red flower
Leaves or fruit: Durva grass, blades – 1,3,5,7 (Tulsi leaves should not offered to Ganesha)
Scent: Henna

Lord Shiva

Preferred flowers: Blue lotus, any white flower, Kaner.
Not offer: Champa and Kewra
Leaves or fruit: Belpatra leaves: 9 or 10, dhatura and aak
Scent: Kewra

Goddess Durga

Preferred flowers: Mogra
Leaves or fruit: Belpatra leaves: 1 or 9
Scent: Mogra


Preferred flowers: Yellow Kaner, qty:9

God Vishnu

Preferred flowers: Pink lotus
Leaves or fruit: Tulsi leaves, qty:1,3,5,7,9
Scent: Chandan

Goddess Lakshmi

Preferred flowers: Pink lotus (qty:9), yellow marigold, desi gulab
Leaves or fruit: Shriphal (qty:1)
Scent: Chandan

Lord Rama

Preferred flowers: Chameli (qty:4)
Scent: Chameli

Lord Hanuman

Preferred flowers: Chameli
Leaves or fruit: A garland made of tulsi or aak leaves
Scent: Chameli

Lord Krishna

Preferred flowers: Blue lotus (qty:3)
Scent: Chandan

Lord Dattatreya

Preferred flowers: Juhi (qty:7)
Scent: Khas

Goddess Saraswati

Preferred flowers: Any white flower or white lotus (qty:9)

Lord Brahma

Preferred flowers: Tagar and white lotus (qty:6)

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