Wishbone Luck

Wishbone for good Luck

Certain celebs have been spotted boasting off with a wishbone necklace. ‘Wishbone’ or ‘Lucky break’- have you ever given it a thought that what this break is all about? Well, this much-loved tradition of wishbone luck dates back to pretty old times when the Etruscans had come up with a belief that it is the fowl, which can predict the future. These people had the tiny forked bone of chickens dried in the sun and regarded it as sacred. With innumerable anticipations, they used to make a wish touching this forked bone and waited for it to come true. Now that it is being embraced in several parts of the world, wishbone luck is a fun tradition at the Thanksgiving luncheons.

While the English and the Americans adopted this wishbone luck tradition, there came a slight deviation from the original one. They used the bone of a Turkey instead of chickens. Today, on every Thanksgiving Day, you can spot numerous families wherein this wishbone luck game has almost become a tradition. This forked Turkey bone is a good luck charm that promises to grant your wish and bring in good fortune.

On the occasion of Thanksgiving, when the tables are laid with delectable platters, the kids are always excited for this little tug of war on a wishbone. Popular as ‘Merry Thought’ in the English households, this game has two participants at a time.  Though people from different cultural backgrounds have embraced this wishbone luck game with a few alterations yet the basic idea has remained the same over the years. The tiny wishbone is held upside down with its two ends facing the bottom. You and your partner have to wrap your little fingers around each free end of the wishbone and make a wish, secretly, before you start the tug of war. Keep pulling it, until it breaks – the one who gets the bigger part of the wishbone has his wish granted.

Being inspired by this traditional luck game, many people wear this tiny wishbone in a necklace while some wear it as a ring. Birthdays, weddings or new business ventures, checklist on this tiny good luck charm as well, while deciding on the gifts. It may turn out to be the rarest of all gifts that your bestie bags on her wedding, but this tiny wishbone promises to bring her the best in each of her future endeavours. Also, this can be a perfect gift from a doting mother to her children when they are all set to start off their new career ventures. The pretty wishbone necklace is said to bring you good fortune in a way that keeps reminding you of goals.