Worry Dolls

Worry Dolls

Worry Dolls, generally, in a pack of six or twelve, trace down their origin to the superstitious beliefs of the locals of Guatemala. As the name suggests, these dolls play a role in combating your worries. Packed with colours, these dolls are believed to take away all your worries. Well, besides the superstitious roots, these dolls have now established a pretty good relevance in child psychiatry. Good luck charm or not, but these cater to the psychological needs of children.

Worry dolls’ folklore

The worry dolls folklore dates back to an old Guatemalan family who could barely cope up with their basic needs due to no rainfall and scarce crops. They say that these dolls steal away your worries. As it descends from a typical Guatemalan fable, these dolls were made by two little kids for the very first time. They say that when misfortune had struck their family hard, the little kids created tiny dolls, out of twigs and cloth scraps only, with the intentions of making some money for food. One of the two spoke to these tiny dolls about their worries and hoped of some magic to come their way and set everything right. This little girl had kept six of these dolls in a pouch and placed it under her pillow while sleeping. The next morning brought in all the magic, and all their sorrows vanished!

This superstition or belief, as you may say, of the residents of Guatemala has now travelled all across the world. These set of colourful dolls are now considered as a souvenir as well. Handcrafted by artisans, theses dolls are cladded in Mayan attire. Simple little things like wood pieces, wool or wire, yarn and pieces of cloth are put together skilfully and shaped as little dolls. The bits of wood and left-over wool or wire are bound together to form the basic frame of these dolls. Colourful yarns and cloth are wound around this frame in a way that it forms the limb and head of the dolls.

You will find quite a good variation in the sizes of these dolls available commercially. The ones with Guatemalan origin mostly extend to half an inch, while you will find the bigger ones, ranging till two inches in size from the Shaman markets.

How is it used in paediatrics?

At certain places, paediatricians are using these colourful dolls to get a better hold of child psychology. The urban scenario of our society is dominated by nuclear families, wherein mostly both the parents are working, and there is lesser communication with children. Parents seldom miss out on their kids’ studies, but they genuinely run out of time for the rest of the fun. In these cases, often, the child suffers pretty much, as more than half his thoughts are left unspoken. Researches on child psyche have revealed that these dolls work wonders in perking up children’s mood.

A pack of six, eight or twelve, in a cloth pouch or wooden box – get any of it, and you never know what magic awaits you!